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Non Embedded Products

Wireless Modems & Peripherals

XBee Range Extenders

Zigbee / Mesh Range extenders

Features of models can include:

  • Fully certified as a ZigBee Smart Energy range extender
  • Drop-in method to expand the range of Smart Energy networks
  • Plugs into a standard power outlet for easy deployment
  • Creates redundant network pathways for more reliable mesh networking
  • Measure and control power to an electrical device plugged into this device

Wireless Modems and Adapters

Multiple protocol modems – ZigBee, XTend RF, 802,15,4

Features can include:

  • Supports the ZigBee PRO feature set
  • ZigBee® wireless connectivity for all types of end-point devices
  • Compatible with ConnectPort® X gateways for IP connectivity
  • 1 mW to 1 Watt power output (up to 40 mile range)
  • 10 to 125 Kbps RF data rate
  • Low-power XBee and extended-range XBee-PRO options
  • Simple topology to deploy and grow
  • Optional NEMA enclosure