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Light Emitting Diodes

LED lighting is now part of mainstream design. An LED is expected to outlive its incandescent counterpart without any maintenance, as LEDs are hardwired and have lower power requirements (produce more lumens/watt than alternatives). LEDs are also highly durable, produce low heat, and promote battery life. Display backlighting and focused/homogeneous machine vision illumination are other examples of  LED application. LED-based replacement for CCFL strip lights is a growing area of interest.

LEDs come in various packages. Miniatures LEDs are single-die and are categorised by package size, package shape, and drive current. Lighting LEDs usually consist of a cluster of appropriately housed LEDs. LEDs also come in several different colours (including infrared and UVA) and wavelengths, giving the designer choice of a precise spectrum light source or a gamut-expanded full one.

Other application areas for LEDs are numerous. LEDs are ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on-off cycling. LEDs also do not require colour filters, do not change their colour tint when dimmed, and have fast response times. LEDs can also be used instead of Zener diodes in low voltage regulators (below 3V), and SMT-packaged LEDs may be easily populated on PCBs.


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