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AEQ 100 approved components enable FMG to address all parts of the automobile. Functions include LIN/CAN bus transceivers, camera systems to LED drivers and Linear Hall for drive by wire applications. Design support is available directly from the manufacturers, numerous application notes reduce the design time for the designer.


EN6066 approved power supplies to various pressure and temperature sensors address a number of medical applications. Programmable logic devices offer the designer a refreshing new way to implement good design that adds security and the ability to change configuration at any time in the design cycle.


Components are offered to wide temperature range that allow them to used in industrial equipment application. 85 deg C to -40 deg C is offered as standard. Data acquisition systems including ADCs and programmable gain amplifiers  can be implemented easily and cost effectively. Loop control products which include heating applications and motor control are just some of the functions which can be implemented.


Sounders for Bell boxes to RF devices for wireless sensors are some of the functions which FMG offer. RF products are also used in ACCESS control. High Q chip inductors allow good quality RF circuits to be quickly and easily designed. Recently introduced Chip Antenna  also give better performance than traditional copper trace on PCB.